It’s no secret that the UK has been behind the times for some time now when it comes to communications and this in the most part is down to the aging public switched telephone network (PSTN). In fact, the network is so old in some points that it is still reliant on cabling and infrastructure that was installed in the 1930’s!

Openreach, the UK’s PSTN network provider have taken the decision to invest heavily in their “all IP” program, effectively phasing out the old PSTN system in favour of a completely IP based network for voice transmission. As you can imagine, this is no small task and Openreach are advertising that this will be completed by 2025.

So what does this mean to you? Well, the average household will not really notice a difference. At some point by 2025 your internet provider may send you a new router to use but ultimately, it will be business as usual. But what business? Many businesses rely heavily on PSTN for their communications for systems such as fire alarm’s intruder alarms, warden call systems and more and the All IP upgrade has the potential to have a major negative impact on these systems if it is not managed correctly. Unfortunately, whilst the digital upgrade is full steam ahead, the advertisement of this has been rather poor and a lot of businesses are unaware of what’s to come.  This is where we at Sentinel can help.

Warden Call

Warden call systems are heavily reliant on the PSTN network to ensure that should there be an emergency, the system can connect a vulnerable resident to their emergency call centre and the appropriate action can be taken. Whilst these systems may work perfectly fine now, they were never designed to work on an IP network. So, what does this mean? Well, the answer isn’t a simple one. The major warden call providers have released their IP Compatible systems over the past 2 years which has opened up a whole world of feature rich systems. The chances are, if your system was installed within the past few years then you will be digital compatible however there may be additional equipment required.

The picture however does not look so good for older, unsupported equipment where there will be no option for “digital conversion” other than a complete system replacement.

Sentinel are happy to provide free, unbiased advice on your options to maintaining your critical communications through the digital upgrade and can help you build a plan of action to transition to a digital system.

Fire and Security

A lot of businesses rely on their fire and security systems having around the clock monitoring for faults and activations. This is generally provided by products such as Redcare and CSL auto diallers. In some instances, you may not even be aware you have such a system in place but the consequences of these systems not working can be costly and even fatal. As the All IP upgrade continues on, the reliability of these units will be tested with no guarantee of them connecting to the alarm receiving centre. Unfortunately, you may not know this is the case until it’s too late.

All of the major alarm signalling providers now have hybrid and digital offerings. Sentinel can provide digital alarm signalling tailored to your needs ensuring that throughout the All IP upgrade and into the future, you can be assured that your alarm equipment is fully monitored and will receive the response you require.

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