COVID-19 Has changed the way we think about our safety and our approach to hygiene like never before and as a population, every day we are having to alter the way we work to prevent the spread of the virus. 
Not only is the virus having a detrimental impact on peoples health but also on companies abilities to provide their products and services. Many businesses have adapted quickly and efficiently to mitigate the effects of the virus whilst protecting their staff and customers but sometimes, these adaptations are inefficient and costly. 
Sentinel are able to provide a host of tailored services specifically designed to reduce transmission, control people flow in public places and detect when someone may be carrying the virus. These services can allow a business to save substantial amounts of money and remove the potential for human error.

Occupancy Counting Systems

The biggest threat to retail properties is the lack of distancing between customers. Our Occupancy Counting Systems can control the number of people entering and leaving a property saving the need for a member of staff to do this manually. The cost of a member of staff carrying out this manual task is often costly and the system can often pay for its self in a matter of days

Contactless Movement

Commercial buildings are often full of buttons, handles and keypads to control access throughout the building. Sentinel can provide a multitude of different solutions to remove the need for this contact and allow people to flow through a building where they have permission to do so.

Fever Screening

Sentinel can provide a host of solutions to a near instant temperature reading from people passing strategically placed cameras. These can be linked to your current access control system meaning those who do not have a temperature can enter without making contact but also prevent those who have a temperature from entering even when normally, they would be permitted access.

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