Sentinel specialise in the installation, maintenance and repair of Technology Enabled Care systems (TECs). We realise that finding a service partner who can maintain an array of different systems and of different ages can be difficult and that’s why we as a business have put a substantial amount of effort into becoming a “one stop shop” for warden call systems. Our engineers have vast experience in maintaining and repairing legacy and current systems.

What we can offer

Sentinel offer an impressive array of services ensuring that all of your needs are met with ease. We have put substantial effort and investment into providing a service that even the biggest suppliers would struggle to meet

  • Regular training with the UK’s leading manufacturers
  • An approved partner of Tynetec
  • Substantial stock holding of new and refurbished equipment
  • A Large supply of parts that are obsolete
  • An expansive library of technical documentation for all systems
  • On site and back to base repair of obsolete failed equipment
  • The ability to work on all brands and models of system such as Tynetec and Tunstall

Sentinel are trusted by the UK’s largest retirement housing providers to deliver quality and value for money installation and maintenance services across a range of system types

  • Integrated warden call and nurse call systems
  • Door entry systems, both stand alone and integrated
  • DECT systems
  • Dispersed alarms
  • Grouped living systems
  • Telecare devices

Maintenance Services

Sentinel specialise in the delivery of ongoing maintenance and service of all types of warden call systems. We are trusted to provide these services to some of the UK’s largest housing providers. We have the ability to maintain and repair legacy systems that even some of the largest providers struggle with. Our engineers are fully trained on a multitude of different systems through direct manufacturer training and in-house training. For more information as to how we can support your organisation, get in touch.


Even the most reliable of systems will require replacement when they reach the end of their lifespan. Often the replacement of a system that is integrated to this level can be a daunting task for those managing the replacement as well as the residents who will benefit from the system. Sentinel can support you at every stage of the journey from the initial consultation through to specification, project management, installation and ongoing support throughout the life of your system.

Consulting services

We realise that often, it can be a difficult task to understand the condition of your current system as well as manage the systems replacement. Sentinel have worked with a number of clients providing consultancy services and assisted with the construction of a replacement plan. We can tailor these services to your needs wether you manage one site or multiple sites throughout the country.
We have provided dilapidation reports to a number of national clients giving them a complete unbiased overview of the systems current condition, its lifespan and a recommended replacement program. For more information, get in touch

Your digital journey

In 2018 Openreach (the UK’s telephone network provider) began works to upgrade the countries network from the old outdated analogue system we all use now to a digital network. This upgrade will bring a number of benefits to the country however will cause issues older analogue signalling equipment such as nearly all of the warden call systems currently installed in schemes across the country. Whilst the upgrade will not be complete until 2025, this is something that we can not stop from happening and it’s happening right now.
Housing and care providers that have a lot of analogue systems within their housing stock are in a position where they need to look forward over the next few years to ensure that the service provided by these systems is maintained as well as checking that the emergency alarm receiving centre’s they use are capable of receiving a digital alarm signal.

Sentinel can provide you with support and advice to lead you through the digital upgrade process ensuring that your equipment continues to work as it should and give your residents the reassurance that should they need help, it will always be there. For more information, contact us here.

Dispersed alarms

Sentinel don’t just work with housing providers. We can support individuals who wish to have some additional support in their own homes. Our range of dispersed alarms are fully compliant, affordable and are there for you day and night. A number of different accessories can be used tailored to your individual requirements meaning you can lead an independent life safe in the knowledge that help can be at the push of a button.

With the introduction of Tynetec’s Reach IP dispersed alarms, you can be connected to an operator in a matter of seconds who will have secure knowledge of your details and can provide help within moments.
The Reach IP alarm is a small device often placed in your living room. The unit requires power but benefits from an integral battery backup should there be a mains failure. The unit utilises the mobile phone networks throughout the country meaning that a phone line is not required in the property. For more information on how we can support you in your home, get in touch